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Welcome to the Brownsville-Haywood County Arts Council web site.

  With our menu and links, this web site can serve in many different ways – for the general public, for artists and art organizations. We want the community to know about their Arts Council – what services we provide, how important the Arts are to our community and how the Arts affect our community.

  The Arts play a prominent role in our community – to the benefit of us all:

Education – The arts foster young imaginations & leads to success in the classroom- providing thinking, communication and innovative skills essential to a productive student.

Economic Influence – An active arts community is an economic asset that stimulates business activity and attracts tourism revenue.

Heritage Preservation – The arts preserve our unique culture and heritage – passing Tennessee’s rich cultural character & traditions on to future generations.

Fun – The arts are important for providing diverse leisure time activities.

  We want to work with our community and with its continued support we will provide a service - whether its school programs, local or visiting artists, scholarships, drama, music, dance, art exhibits, etc. The Arts Council loves to be able to present a wide variety of live entertainment to our community.

  Thanks for your support of the arts in our community, and we look forward to the year.

Achana C. Jarrett

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